Skyborne is a work-in-progress science fiction dramedy about war, intrigue, love, and loyalty.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Announcement: Concerning copyrights and chapters

Dear Reader, This is just a quick announcement concerning copyrights. I've written everything here, all chapters, database entries, and so forth. However, all images are just really cool and fitting pictures I pulled from the internet.

 Ok? Images not mine, text is mine, ;) unless I reference otherwise.

  If you want to quote a few hundred words somewhere, that's fine. If you want to repost something, I'd appreciate it if you asked first. :)

 As for upcoming chapters, January's second installment will return to Rachel's perspective, and February will start with a serious action sequence with the Skylark.

 As always I value your time as readers and appreciate any suggestions, observations, critiques, and predictions that y'all have.
Your Servant,
The Chivalrous Rogue

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