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Friday, December 13, 2013

Database Entry: Coalition Factions Summary

Database Entry: Major Factions Summary - The Coalition Nations

 The following is part of a short primer for knowing the Coalition factions of the Mercs, Feds, and Tribals universe.

The layout...
Faction Name: Size% (The geographic size/population of this nation compared to the rest of the civilized world.)
Intro -
Power - The nation's collective military, economic, and technological strength. (1-10, 1 being pathetic, 10 is terrifying.)
Politics - The government type.
People - The number of languages and culture types within the nation.
Intro -

Coalition Nations - The following three nations have usually been allies in the last 150 years. Though there are a loose set of treaties between the three nations, the title 'Coalition Nation' is a colloquial term coined by their respective medias, not an official designation.

Union of Worlds: 6.2%
Power - 6
Politics - Representative Republic
People - Federation common is the official language, though another few compete for recognition.
 The Union is renown throughout the universe for its massive commercial-industrial complex. Nearly five percent of the general population is in the military, yet it isn't a militarized society. The government tends to be more restrictive of speech rights and beliefs, yet allows greater private freedom than the Federation. For example, alcohol is legal in the Union, but saying "Life is better with the Tautoans" can get you in trouble. (Minor debtor nation)

The Federation: 8.2%
Power - 5.9
Politics - Parliamentary Democracy in theory, Corporate Republic in practice.
People - Federation standard is the enforced official language.
 The Federation is a relatively young (230yrs) nation undergoing a gradual social revolution. It's transitioning from a rapidly expanding mercantilistic imperialism to a more static open market Republic. The government is very ordered and strict, keeping tight but efficient regulations on the people; though some laws vary from world to world. Social programs and public healthcare are organized very well. Corporations are extremely influential within the government, The people generally have a democratic mindset, voting is commonly considered a civic duty. However, cultural and political views do differ widely from world to world. The government tends to be more restrictive of private freedom and action, yet is more protective of speech rights than the Union. For example, alcohol has been outlawed decades ago as a dangerous substance, yet you can say anything you want anywhere. (Huge debtor nation)

League of Nations: 2%
Power - 5.5
Politics - Confederation of Independent Corporate Republics
People - Arkold Kartoa is the most common language, no official, eight major languages.
 The League is a very spread out collection of extremely wealthy worlds. They've established trading ports across the galaxy and keep tightly controlled colonies over valuable resources. (The creditor nation.)

 I shall go much more in depth about each of the above factions with 'Nation Profiles' devoted to each. Other factions that will eventually be covered with further 'database entries' are:
Allied Clans, High Rock Clans, Free Clans, Tautoan Empire, Republic of Cathay, Caliphate, Shaog Empire, Democratic Republic of Disuka, Independent Worlds, and Non-government-organizations.

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