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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Database Entry: Languages

Dear Reader,

 The sentient population in the universe of Mercs, Feds, and Tribals numbers somewhere between four to twelve trillion. Yet despite the incredible inter-connectivity of the net and the high rate of trade and travel between factions, there are millions of regionally and culturally specific languages. The following is a quick reference list for the major languages I've mentioned so far. I shall update this post as necessary.

Language Family: General description of the languages.
Common language - A little history and characteristics. (Locales / Difficulty - Assuming a native English speaker.)
Common language - A little history and characteristics. (Locales / Difficulty - Assuming a native English speaker.)

Tautoan Languages: The following are the three principle dialects spoken in the Tautoan Empire. It's debated whether they're really dialects of each other given their significant differences. The closest analogy to compare these languages would be Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew.

Kartoa - The more formal traditional language of the Empire. It's gradually dying out in common usage, though it's still spoken in the higher classes, in political speeches, in court rooms and official transcripts. It's the most common trade language, used in many regions across the universe where the Kartoan Empire once spread. It splits further into other dialects like Arkold Kartoa, and Kartoa basic. (Common across the universe. / Difficulty - Hard)

Mah'to - A close relation to Kartoa that is more widely spoken by the masses. A much less formal language. (Predominate in the Tautoan Empire. / Difficulty - Really Hard)

Darisian - A more distant relative to Kartoa, Darisian is rising in common usage and used as a trade language in several dozen systems. (Predominate in the Tautoan Empire. / Difficulty - Hard)

Coalition Languages:

Fed Standard - The enforced official language of the Federation. This nation considers the simply named 'Standard' to be the height of lingual evolution. It's widely considered by their citizens to be the core language of the universe. (Predominate in the Federation. / Difficulty - Very Easy)

Fed Common - A closely related parallel language to Standard. (Predominately in the Union of Worlds, common in the League. / Difficulty - Minor)

Aethereen - The second largest trade language in the universe next to Kartoa. (Predominate with the League of Nations, common across the galaxy. / Difficulty - Moderate.)

Clan Languages:

Gahlic - The most common language in the Clans. It's very specific - like Greek - with a huge vocabulary. (Predominate in the Free Clans and Aynland, common in the Allied Clans. / Difficulty - Moderate.)

Maddok - An ancient yet still surprisingly common language. There's a certain cultural art built around Maddok poetry. (Predominate with the High Rock Clans, uncommonly in the Allied Clans. / Difficulty - Hard)

Dahric - Maddok heavily influenced by Kartoa. A product of the Kartoan Empire's subjugation of certain clans. It's still commonly used as a trade language in some systems, though it has been banned in some sensitive circles since it's a reminder of the occupation. (Predominate with the Allied Clans, common in Aynland. / Difficulty - Very Hard)

Brython - A language spoken almost exclusively by certain clans from the Alliance. (Predominate in the Allied Clans. / Difficulty - Moderate)

Gahthereen - Not exactly a language, but the vernacular given to common code switching between Gahlic and Aethereen with Clans that border the League. (Predominately in the Free Clans, common with the Allied Clans. / Difficulty - Moderate.)

Taharan Languages:
Ha'jian Tribal - A tiny moon language with barely 30 million native speakers. (Exclusively in Tahara/ Difficulty - Extremely hard)

 As always I appreciate your time and would love to hear your critiques, suggestions, observations, and predictions. So feel free to comment or message me. And if you're enjoying Mercs, Feds, and Tribals, then don't forget to subscribe!

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